Monday, November 21, 2011

Cool 45

 This bike was being made fun of on a club site so I figured I better do it justice.  Here is what the tough bikers were saying about it....  
"As we made our way to the end of the street lined with bikes and walked onto the main parking lot just outside the club, we ran into a real eye sore that you just couldn't stop looking at. This chopper was NASTY! Check the barbed wire, ripped seat, mud splatter. The motor was a rusty mess of ancient grease and grime. Oh, man, this thing was bad. To top it all off it had a nice oil drip under it. Apparently the thing runs! Ah, yes, and it also feature the more than appropriate bumper sticker "Ugly As Sin". "
In my opinion it was the best looking bike on the site!

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