Friday, October 19, 2012

Playin at the Treadwell Mine

Had yesterday off so went and hiked around the Treadwell mine here in Juneau.  This mine caved in and flooded in 1917. Once a thriving town and gold mine is now nothing more than history in th woods.

Prior to the fire

After the fire

And today


Standing on the ruins

Stuff scattered around in the woods


  1. Very interesting! I enjoy seeing the contrast between nature and rubble-nice pictures!

  2. Wow! Amazing to see that building in it's earlier form. Gives a whole new perspective to the area. Pretty cool that you found those pictures.

  3. Hi Dan?
    I love your documentation of the Treadwell ruins. I was wondering if I could include two of these photos (the wheel and the columns in perspective) in my architecture masters thesis. I designed a theoretical memorial to the gold miners of Treadwell. I'd be happy to share the end result with you--- I believe I came up with something very good! Your photos would be included in the history chapter of my book, which would be printed in our school library here at Virginia Tech. I want to give you credit of coarse in my appendix, however, this is only if you approve of these images being used. Looking forward to hearing from you.