Monday, July 19, 2010

Motorcycle Club Vests Past and Present

This photographic history shot entirely in film is part of Jeff Deckers amazing collection of mc club vests from the past.

motorcycle "gang" awareness poster from ebay

New Zeland


  1. Happy belated birthday mike dougherty jr

  2. Loooking for a Roy Willis that rode with the Huns out of Bridgeport, Ct. He was also in the Navy and their Club House was in Bridgeport ,Ct. I was his Girlfriend and would love to touch base with him to see what hes up to these days. My name was Judy Murphy and I had two small children.A boy and a girl. Hoping hes still with us as I would love to talk with him. His Club name was, " Nigger" Thank you for any info you could give me on him. Thaks....