Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gifts from a friend

My buddy Phil is done with motorcycles, sold all his bikes and related stuff.  Yesterday I helped him empty the rest of his stuff from his storage unit and he gave me this Bucket 'O' Triumph tools

and this Crate 'O' Harley tools.  Most of these are old sporty tools but there is a few burried big twin goodies.

Phil and one of his Knucks

a Triumph he built

his Sporty

Phils big twin Flatty
All these bikes are gone now.  Right before I met Phil he sold two knucks to a guy I know for 9K..2 knucks for 9K!!!


  1. Done with Motorcycles? I don't get it!!!!
    Trade for sporty tools?

  2. Hey , I know Phil ! When I worked in juneau we had a storage unit a few away from his , I used to ask him if he was selling that blue knuckle every couple of weeks .... I knew he looked familiar in those pics , never seen him with hair.