Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Bikers Wedding

If you follow my blog you'll remember a while back I found four sets of the Wedded Wheels MC patch sets; I gave one to my brother Tim, sold one on the auction site and decided to keep two for myself. A guy named Adam contacted me saying he had just gotten married and would love to have a set to put on his marriage tribute wall.  I really didn't wanna get rid of another set but figured anybody who loves MC culture as much as I do and respects marriage as much as I do deserves it.  Turns out Adam is a RAD guy who belongs to the Scuzzbuckets MC out of North Carolina.  Here are some Pics Adam sent me.
 Super Jealous of his Jesus Tattoo


 Probably one of the coolest wedding cakes Ive seen.

Adam's Wedding Wall

Some of the Scuzzbuckets MC

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