Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tattood Face.

I'm just gonna say it...SCARY!  Crazy thing is; Jesus loves these guys so much that he died for every sin that they have done and will do and all they have to do is accept it.


  1. long story short, i got a book by max lucado called "The Cross".
    my favorite part is his description of when Jesus' journey to the cross began. he says,(and im paraphrasing) it wasnt in the garden, or before Pilot, ... "but while the crunching of the fruit was still echoing in the garden, Jesus was already on His way to the cross"

    youre right ... He did forgive every sin those doods ever did or will commit ... but he did it before creation was ever created

    ... man, ... GOD is sooooo dope!!!!!!!!!

  2. if him and that guy on my site with the swastika necklace and bullring through his nose got together it'd be off the scary chart
    BLACK CAT - well said!

  3. I totally saw a man with a tattooed face like yesterday and now you post about it that's weird. It's like you and I are one. I am taking the motorcycle test on Saturday!!!