Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Brothers in the Wind

This is for my homie Black Cat, check him out!


  1. HA! that's tight!! ... i've never seen the first two before. where did you find those!? im still searching the globe for a pic of my old man's club. rockford night hawks. a 1% mixed club in rockford illinois. they were disbanded during the outlaws/angels war in chicago. i havent been able to find a patch, picture, ... nothing.

    1. Hi my name is Todd Lewis my father was the president of the NightHawks and I have lots of material from way back then pictures paperwork even his vest and also his 1973 Honda CB750 which is in very I mean very good condition

  2. Oh man, If i ever see or here of anything on your Pop's club i'll let you know first.

  3. Hear not here. Brain dead man. :)