Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Little girls first ride

Ruby is scared to death of my big bikes. I drove her around my folks yard on my wife's scooter and she loved it; only reasonable thing to do after that was throw a helmut on her and take her around the block :)   Were working our way to the bigger bikes slowly.

smiles for miles


  1. AWESOME!!! I can't start a bike without one of my two older kids jumping on! The twins, on the other hand, have zero curiosity for things that move and or make noise.

  2. This is such a Great Picture!!! Way back when my Wife and I were just dating she used to babysit her Sisters children and when I came over on my Bike my Niece Tasha would climb on and I'd haul here around the Apartment Complex, she still talks about it to this day. She is 36 now. Memories that will never leave your Daughters Mind or Heart.

  3. My 3yo was always intimidated by the bigger bikes, a few months on the z50 and he was itching for rides on the xr80Now he begs to ride the xs650!

    Good times, great memories.